Melanin removal, gum depigmentation or gum bleaching, these are the common names used for a dark spot found on the gum.

melanin removalMelanin pigmentation of the gingival occurs in all races. Melanin pigmentation is not something to worry about medically, but the only concern is an aesthetic one for the patients. It may give you the look that your gums are unhealthy or simply interfere with your beautiful smile.

The cause of this dark spots is the excess melanin that builds up in gums which make them look brown or black instead of pink.

There are many other causes for this dark spots which includes:

melanin removal 2• Genetics
• Smoking
• Medications such as Tricyclic Antidepressants
• Fillings or crowns / Amalgam Tattoos: These tattoo like gums are cause by the tiny particles of silver or amalgam that is filled in the tooth. The small amount of silver can travel beneath the surface of the gums and make the gum appear dark or bluish I color.

There is nothing to worry about. Here at our clinics we always have the solution!!!


melanin removal 3These melanin spots on the gums can be quickly and painlessly removed with our Waterlase Laser melanin removal. The process of removing this melanin pigmentation is called “Gum depigmentation”. This procedure usually takes only one visit with a quick healing time.

Treatment of gingival hyper pigmentation by Waterlase radiation in a defocused mode is a safe and effective procedure. The satisfaction of the patients in terms of aesthetics and pain is excellent.
The gum heals completely with no infection, pain, swelling or scarring.