Composite Veneers or Ferrari Smile

The Ferrari Smile can provide you a beautiful, confident and unique smile. It gives you an immediate result in only one session. The composite veneer covers the facial surface of teeth to change tooth color, position or shapes.

Composite veneers case by Dr. Habib Zarifeh

The Ferrari Smile technique allows an aesthetic, natural appearance with simplified layering and color satisfaction.

The composite veneers can be used on people of all ages and unlike porcelain veneers If they break it can be repaired by just patching the dental bonding in that portion of the veneer where the fracture has occurred. Although repair is easier with dental composite veneers, their need for maintenance might be necessary.

Composite veneers case by Dr. Habib Zarifeh. Beirut - Lebanon

A composite veneer which is also called Ferrari Smile may be directly placed by a dental technician in one session or fabricated in a dental laboratory and later bonded to the tooth.

Our first WaterLase MD Turbo Laser will provide our unique way of composite Veneers placement with NO Drilling, NO pain and minimal or NO removal of tooth Structure.

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