bone graftDuring a dental implant, when the bone of a patient is not strong enough to handle the implant, a surgical procedure that is called bone graft is a must. A bone graft can create a more solid base for the implants to settle in. With bone grafting, a piece of bone from the patient’s own body (mouth) is taken OR an artificial, synthetic, natural substitute is used to strengthen the place where the dental implants will be.
The picture below shows a brief explanation of the steps that a bone graft patient goes through.

After the sixth step, the patient waits for three months minimum (depending on the case) for the healing of the gum where the bone graft surgery took place.

Once the gum has healed completely, the implant is fixated in its proper place.After the fixation of the implant and before placing the abutment, the patient should wait minimum one month to see if the body has accepted or rejected the implant.

If it is accepted, the procedure continues as planned and the abutment is set on the implant followed by the crown, as seen in the picture above in the last two steps. And if the implant is rejected, the 8th step is repeated and again there will be waiting to see if the implant is accepted or rejected.

bone graft by Dr. Habib Zarifeh

At Ferrari Dental Clinic we target on auograft, xenograft and especially Easy Graft cristal synthetic bone substitute from “Degradable Solution” Switzerland.

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Bone graft - Ferrari Dental Clinic by Dr. Habib Zarifeh