Treatment of gummy smile has gone from the use of a conventional technique that was a traumatic experience to a pleasant treatment much more comfortable for the patient.

The use of the new waterlase technique in cosmetic gum surgery minimizes operative time and post-operative complications, promotes a faster healing and offers an immediate result.

The dentist removes the excessive gum tissue and re-shapes the bone in order to conserve the biological width of the teeth.

Due to the bactericidal effect and the haemostatic action of the laser, gum tissue heals within a few days without requiring any sutures and drug prescription.

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There are two types of Gummy Smile Problems.

Minor Gummy Smile and Major Gummy Smile.

• Minor Gummy Smile is a condition that affects 10% of young Adults (Ages 20-35). It is caused by a variety of factors including excess gum covering the teeth due to an abnormal eruption of the teeth, an excess of maxillary jaw bone, a short upper lip or a "Hyperactive" upper lip that retracts too much during full smile.

However, a gummy smile can be also related to a serious dental condition. In fact, an improper bite due to an excessive protrusion of the upper jaw affects your long-term oral health.

• Major gummy smile is a condition in which the amount of gum tissue is excessive and shows a disproportionate gum-to-tooth ratio. Highly exposed gum tissue makes the smile unpleasant, and has a psychological impact on a patient. Indeed, gummy smile is a common aesthetic problem that often causes lack of self esteem and embarrassment when we cannot underestimate the importance of our looks and smile in everyday life. In fact, self-confidence is often the key for success.

What Causes Gummy Smile:

• Excessive overgrowth of gum tissue due to medications or orthodontic treatment or abnormal eruption of the teeth.
• The Muscle of the upper lip is hyperactive
• Excessive growth of the Maxillary Jaw bone
• Inflammation of the gum due to gum disease or bad restoration
• Congenital Gingival enlargement

Today, gummy smile is a problem of the past: It can be fixed through various treatments adapted to specific needs.

Gummy smile case

Depending on the case, different treatment options maybe available, of which are:

• Laser gummy smile surgery: is a same-day treatment that offers you immediate result. The procedure is painless, requires no sutures, and gum tissue heals within a few days.

• Laser lip repositioning surgery: removes specific tissue attached to the inside of the upper lip, restricting its proper movement. The patient will have an aesthetic smile that will now expose a proper amount of gum tissue.

• Orthodontic treatment: in this procedure the orthodontist will guide the patient's teeth upwards. The upward movement of the front teeth (intrusion of anterior teeth) will cause a bone resorption and gum will follow the bone. This will result in the normal remodeling of the structure around the teeth.

• orthognathic surgery: this procedure decreases the height of the upper jaw by immobilizing the bone with mini-plates. Orthodontic treatment (braces) along with this surgery is usually needed. The patient will be followed by two specialists, a surgeon and an orthodontist.