Lasers are in-office alternative for children allowing dentists to perform a wide range of dental procedures on children while at the same time reducing the chances of infection, swelling, and discomfort.
This method will fit the children needs especially because it is performed with less use of needles and high-speed hand pieces.

It is also more helpful for children who have “Dentophobia” or “Dental phobia” meaning the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care.

Laser Dentistry has a huge and positive impact on children.

The Advantages of using Dental Lasers for children are following:

• No Anesthesia for cavity preparation in the majority of patients due to analgesic effect of the laser.
• No waiting for the patient to be anesthetized in the majority of patients.
• No concern about the patient biting his or her lip, cheek or Tongue.
• More pleasant experience due to not being anesthetized.
• Less bleeding than scalpel.
• Less need for Suturing.
• Bactericidal (Helps to kill bacteria in a quick way).

Now after knowing about Laser Dentistry and its uses for children, it is much easier for our children to visit the dentist without any fear or discomfort.