In general, the treatment of laser pocket cleaning is a race: the body healing and regaining attachments vs. bacteria reestablishing in the pocket. Therefore, treatment should speed up the healing process. Most people don’t know about gum disease, but about half of the population suffers from moderate to severe gum disease. Dentists have a number of tools to help us do this. They involve scaling and root planning as a first step then periodontal surgery for severely infected gums.

Unfortunately, deep gingival pocket cleaning is a very painful procedure with long recovery period that requires local anesthesia and can cause significant gum bleeding.
In our Clinics we have the perfect Solution!!!

All periodontal procedures are done using WaterLase MD and LaserSmile (Diode Laser) from Biolase.

Compared to the classical treatment, laser deep pocket cleaning is painless to the degree of not requiring local anesthesia, has minimal gum bleeding, less operative time, and has faster post interventional healing time. The reduction in gum bleeding also minimizes bacterial translocation from the oral cavity to the blood stream reducing transient bacteremia which ultimately decreases cardiovascular incidents.
In one sentence Laser pocket cleaning reduces Discomfort, Bleeding, pain and Promotes faster healing!!!